Top Mobile App Development Languages in 2020

Top Mobile App Development Languages in 2020

Choosing the best Mobile App Development Languages largely depends on the operating system you will be working with. The point is, that different operating systems support different mobile programming languages. For example, when Swift and Objective C are used for iOS apps, Kotlin and Java are used for the Android operating system. What if we took a look at some of the Top Mobile App Development Languages who probably consider them to be effective in 2020.

Top mobile app development languages

  1. JavaScript
  2. Kotlin
  3. C++
  4. C#
  5. Swift
  6. Objective-C
  7. JAVA

1. JavaScript

Top Mobile App Development Languages in 2020 - JavaScript

JavaScript is ideal for cross-platform application development, mobile applications used for various platforms, and web browsing. It works smoothly in other environments, outside of browsers, and can be compiled from a wide range of programming languages. So my vote for the best programming language is for JavaScript.

2. Kotlin

Top Mobile App Development Languages in 2020 - Kotlin

Kotlin has a lot in common with Java but is said to be easier to use. It can also be combined with Java. Since June 2019, it has been recognized by Google among the languages ​​to be favored. Since then, Kotlin has continued to grow and conquer new developers through its ease of use. Companies like Pinterest or Trello have used it.

Kotlin also wants to turn to Android. Compatible with all Java libraries, Kotlin is also interoperable with its predecessor. It is quite possible to indicate an Android Java code from Kotlin, and vice versa. The same Android project can also contain both Java and Kotlin files.

Finally, Kotlin is a very concise code. According to developer feedback, it is faster to intervene on a Kotlin-coded application to debug it. The writing process is also made easier, with Kotlin requiring fewer steps during the actual development. For beginners, this represents less risk of errors and fewer crashes in the long run.

3. C++

Top Mobile App Development Languages in 2020 - C++

C ++ allows you to develop native mobile apps for Android. It benefits from official documentation from Google, which can be very useful for beginners: two dedicated kits.

The first, called Android SDK, use Java. NDK Android, the second kit, uses C and C ++. Compared to the SDK, it has the advantage of allowing more power to be extracted from heavy IT tasks.

Indeed, it is impossible to fully code a mobile application using C or C ++. If you use these languages, it must be used to integrate heavy features. For the rest, Java, used via Android Studio, meets all the criteria to provide a mobile application that is both functional and ergonomic.

4. C#

Top Mobile App Development Languages in 2020 - C#

An agile combination of C and C ++, C # is one of the most versatile languages. It is a language that is at the same time simple, flexible, reliable, open-source, object-oriented, and turned towards Android and iOS at the same time.

Much easier to use than C and C ++, it is aimed at both beginners and advanced.

5. Swift

Top Mobile App Development Languages in 2020 - Swift

It is the programming language launched by Apple in 2014 to develop native mobile applications for iOS. It succeeds Objective-C, which worked with OS X, iOS, and their programming interfaces.

Swift is today the first language of the iOS environment. It can be complementary to C and C ++. As a native language, it is the preferred language for the development of a mobile app for iOS.

6. Objective-C

Top Mobile App Development Languages in 2020 - Objective-C
Objective c programming language with script code on laptop screen vector graphic

Objective-C is a reflexive object-oriented programming language. It is an extension of ANSI C, like C ++, but it differs from the latter by its dynamic distribution of messages, its weak or strong typing, its dynamic typing, and its dynamic loading. Unlike C ++, it does not allow multiple inheritances, but there are ways to combine the advantages of C ++ and Objective-C.

Objective-C allows the rapid creation of an NSString object using the “@”, in the same way as C with strings “”. NSStrings are encoded in Unicode, that is, unlike C, characters are not limited to ASCII codes.


Top Mobile App Development Languages in 2020 - JAVA

Java is a popular programming language, especially for developments on the Android operating system. It was originally created by Sun Microsystems but is currently owned by Oracle. Developed long after C and C ++, Java combines many powerful features of these languages ​​while correcting some of their drawbacks. The most important features of Java are:
– Easy to learn and understand
– Designed to be platform-independent and secure with virtual machines
– It is object-oriented

The Android operating system relies heavily on the fundamentals of Java. Android SDK comes with many standard Java libraries including data structure libraries, graphics libraries, math libraries, networking libraries, and anything else you could want. Special Android libraries that help to develop great Android apps are also available.


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