6 Collaboration Tools to share your code online

6 Collaboration Tools to share your code online

Real-time collaboration tools have developed significantly in recent times. In particular, they allow developer teams to share code in real-time, making it easy to work remotely.

We would put our hand to cut that any developer has ever needed to share a piece of code in order to get help when something doesn’t work as it should. Fortunately, there are now a lot of high-performance tools to share your code.

In this article, we’ll list some of these Collaboration tools.


6 Tools to share your code online -CodePen

 CodePen is the most popular code-sharing tool. Like all cloud-based services, you need to move your code from its local environment to the app’s server.

If you know CodePen, you probably know that “Collab mode” allows multiple people to edit a “Pen” at the same time.

When you open Collab mode, the URL in your address bar changes. Copy this “collab” URL and share it with the people you want to collaborate with. Collab also has a chat function, which allows you to communicate with each other during your session.


6 Tools to share your code online -Codeshare

CodeShare is a web application that offers a good alternative to CodePen. You will always need to import your code from your local environment to this service.

In terms of communication between employees, CodeShare also allows you to make video calls. The tool can be used for different types of needs, such as code revisions, job interviews, and learning. Also the ability to debug code with peers.


6 Tools to share your code online - CodeSandbox

CodeSandbox users can create a “sandbox” and share the URL with their collaborators. You can determine whether anyone can edit at will or control who can edit through a “classroom” mode.

Changes to files, dependencies, and selections are all updated throughout the sessions.

Visual Studio Live Share

6 Tools to share your code online - Visual Studio Live Share

Visual Studio Live Share is Microsoft’s collaborative development solution for its Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code tools.

Live Share allows teams to collaborate on a shared code basis. While maintaining each employee’s ability to navigate and work independently. Also, The app allows you to share your workspace, device, and local servers. In addition, you can communicate by voice directly from the tool.

This app has many other useful features, such as group debugging, and a focus and tracking feature. That allows you to draw your employees’ attention to a particular item.


6 Tools to share your code online - Coda

Not all Coda users know this: a real-time file-sharing feature is included.

It allows multiple users to share their files on a local network. Or with any remote user via IP address, or “sharing URL” to connect a remote user to your file. This allows multiple users to work simultaneously on the same file in real-time.


6 Tools to share your code online - Codeanywhere

Codeanywhere is a collaborative development environment. Based on a browser, CodeAnywhere aims to help you code easily from any device, by offering review tracking.

For example, instead of having to zip your project every time you want to share it, you can generate a sharing link instantly.

The interesting feature here is the dual and live programming of Codeanywhere. Like Live Share, there is a “Google Docs” style of document editing. Also, CodeAnywhere does not limit the number of employees.

Another handy feature we all love about Docs, click on your collaborator’s icon, and you’ll be taken to the line he’s working on.

We hope the collaboration tools above will give you an idea of how to make it easy to work remotely!

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