How To Run Linux from Web Browser

How To Run Linux from Web Browser

If you are new and want to play around, connected, experienced, or want a test drive. Or maybe just bored of Windows and MAC. The following tools will help you start the Linux-based operating system in a browser.

The good thing about this emulator is that you don’t have to install anything on your PC. It works in your web browser while you are browsing a website.


JSLinux is a fully functional Linux that runs entirely in a web browser. So if you have almost every modern web browser, you can suddenly run a basic version of Linux on any computer.

This emulator is written in JavaScript and is supported in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer. You can review the official technical notes about this fantastic emulator.

Run Linux 2.6 from The startup time for Linux is less than one minute, and you can also start other operating systems.

  • Windows-98
  • Arch Linux
  • KolibriOS
  • Linux 2.6 and 3.18
  • Windows 1.01
  • FreeDOS
  • OpenBSD
  • Solar OS


Webminal is the GNU/Linux terminal and the best place to practice the commands and interact with other users. To access the Webminal terminal, you must register a free account with them.

Webminal has helped students from more than 125 countries who have practiced more than 1.5 million commands.

Tutorials Point

CentOS Terminal online from encoding group provides you with a platform for practicing Linux commands in a browser. Getting to the terminal is faster, it took about 10 seconds to get to my terminal.

It is not only a Linux terminal but there are also many others like Node.js, PHP, Lua, Ruby, Redis, Numphy, Oracle Database, and many online IDEs.

So if you want to have a quick feel for one of the following things, you can try coding group.

Online Compilers and Interpreters
Online Compilers and Interpreters

JS / UNIX Terminal

JS / UNIX is a UNIX-like operating system for web browsers written in JavaScript. No plug-in is required to open the terminal. You will receive a “Guest” login to practice the commands.

Cb. Vu

CB. VU gives you the stable version of FreeBSD 7.1.


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