10 Best Tools to Test the Loading Speed of Websites Worldwide

10 Best Tools to Test the Loading Speed of Websites Worldwide

One of the main challenges For bloggers, small businesses, and non-profit organizations to have a personal website is the “Loading time of the site

Studies show that the user leaves a site if it has not been loaded for 3 seconds.

Nobody likes a slow website.

Accelerating websites is essential. “The web should be fast” (Google says). Google has included the speed of the website in the search ranking. How fast does your website load in a desktop browser and mobile browser?

Try the following tools to test the time it takes to load the website globally, except in China.

They all give you actionable information along with the following information Optimize your website for fast loading.

  • Loading the page takes some time
  • Page
  • Number of requests to load the page
  • YSlow score
  • PageSpeed Score
  • Waterfall map

1. Speed test due to upward trends

Uptrends This feature allows you to quickly verify the performance of your website and provide the following important measurement data.

  • Loading
  • Page
  • Requirements for loading the page
  • Recommendation for improvement
  • Request a waterfall and breakdown

Uptrends has servers worldwide from which you can test.

  • Singapore
  • Amsterdam
  • Berlin
  • Frankfurt
  • London
  • Los Angeles
  • New York
  • Sydney
  • Paris

If your audience is global, it’s important to ensure that your page loads globally within the expected time.

Speed test due to upward trends

As you can see above, you have the option to test on desktop and mobile from Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Phantom JS.

2. Dotcom Monitor

Check the site’s speed results from up to 25 locations with Dotcom Monitor. The great thing is that you can run the test with one click from all locations.

Dotcom Monitor

Not only the desktop browser, but you also have the possibility to test on Android, Windows, and Blackberry. On the results page, you’ll get a general summary to get an idea of how your site is loaded worldwide. If you notice that you are slow at a specific point, you can drill down to see the resources for slow loading and waterfall requests.

3. Website audit

A modern tool for a modern website.

Geekflare Website Audit is supported by Google Lighthouse to test websites on more than 40 performance metrics and best practices. You can choose to check this from a desktop or a mobile phone.

Website audit

Some of the most important metrics tested are:

  • It takes time to load the first byte
  • Fully charging time
  • HTTP / 2
  • Number of requests and page size
  • Resource Minimization
  • Compression
  • Image
  • Interactive requirement waterfall

and much more…

4. SUCURI Charging Time Tester

Load time tester from Review your site from more than 15 locations and give time from each location, average response, and performance level.

SUCURI Charging Time Tester

SUCURI has others that you may also like.

5. GTMetrix

Gtmetrix uses Google Page Speed and Yahoo! Yslow to evaluate the performance of your site and provide request details in the waterfall table so you can see which requirement needs to be optimized.


By default, a test is run from Canada. However, if you register for free, you can take a scan from Dallas, Hong Kong, London, Mumbai, Sydney, and Sao Paulo.

6. Pingdom

Pingdom This option allows you to select a test at the following location.

  • Melbourne
  • New York
  • San José
  • Sweden
  • Texas

You get an excellent summary of test results, including performance level, insights, response codes, and content size by type/domain/type.


With Pingdom, you can also break down any request so that you can check the HTTP response & request headers. You can refer to the detailed instructions for the Pingdom test tool.

7. Website test

Web page testing is one of the most popular performance tools for Web sites that allow you to run the test in multiple locations around the world.

Website test

Each location has one or more browsers (Chrome, IE, Firefox, etc.) that cover a wide range of tests.

The Web page test breaks down the page’s load time so that you can focus on the vulnerability.

  • Loading the first view takes some time
  • Loading in the retry view takes some time
  • Breakdown of content by request/type
  • Documenting full time
  • Fully charged time
  • First-byte time
  • Waterfall view
  • Connection view
  • Request details and headings
  • CDN Details

8. Website impulse

Pulse website With this test you can perform a test in New York, Munich, and Melbourne.

Get quick information about the total time it takes to load and track each request.

  • Request status
  • Connection time
  • First-byte time
  • Last byte time
  • Request size
Website impulse

9. Location 24 × 7

Analyze the full Web page including DNS time, connection time, first-byte time, rendering start, document completed, and total page load time with Site24X7.

Location 24 × 7

With Site 24 × 7, you can select from more than one test 60 locations globally.

10. Dareboost

Perform in-depth analysis from multiple locations with a desktop or mobile browser. Dareboost With this option, you can try up to five websites per month for free.


You will receive all standard metrics, tips, and recommendations for best practices. Hundreds of checks are being carried out. If you are unfamiliar with them, you can share the report with your developer. All recommendations are categorized by priority so that you can focus on a critical one first.


We hope the free tools above will give you an idea of how much time it takes to load your website worldwide.

If it is loaded in less than 3 seconds, then well done!

If not, you may want to work on improvement points. One of the fastest ways to improve site performance is to use high-performance CDN such as Cloudflare or SUCURI. The hosting platform also plays an important role.


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